Lindsey Stirling – Warmer in the Winter Show, Pictures with a simple cellphone


Yes. another incredible night with Lindsey Stirling on one of the best Shows that I see, but what if is forbidden get with you any professional camera to the show, well you try to use you cellphone and believe me, is useful and save the moment.

but what kind of pictures could I take with an cellphone in a dark theater, well lets see.

Yes we some nice pictures from there but we have lights, now lets see how the pictures from Lindsey looks without environment light (in the theater).

Well now is the moment to enjoy the concert and take a lot of pictures of the best Violinist of the world, enjoy the pictures.


The first part of the Show was amazing and the rest, well just see the pics 🙂

when some ones try to broke your toys jejejejeje and you stops to that person.



And every incredible show has an End, but what a finish with amazing songs from his album Warmer in the Winter.